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CND Shellac gel manicures - $25.

In case you're not familiar with the gel nail craze, it's much different than your run of the mill manicure. In this process, thin layers of gel are applied to the nails and cured under an ultraviolet light to create a highly durable, glossy finish, and can reportedly last a few weeks. This process is gaining popularity in the U.S. (it's already big in Asia and Eastern Europe) because of the non-yellowing, odorless, and chip free formulas that not only strengthens nails, but provides the perfect base for funky and flirty designs.  CND's new Shellac formula says it's a game-changer because, unlike gels, the formula is easily removed in ten minutes with acetone-soaked wraps that expose only the nailbed to the remover, with no drilling, filing or other mechanical manipulation required. Not to mention that it's launching with 12 more shades coming in the Fall.